Food & Beverages, Web Design

Matchbox Pub

Innovative Bug offered a vintage looking website for Matchbox Pub and Grill, a pub based out in New Delhi. The website has a unique blend of black and white elements and a perfect blend of their brand identity. You walk in and you feel like you own the place . The place is beautiful laid out and combines old world charm in form of wall paintings of things of yesteryears and photos of icons of various fields with modern d├ęcor. A place to connect with People , Foodies, Musicians , Rockers, Dancers, Meat Lovers, Sizzler and Steak Fans and Crazy Soul of all kinds.

client:Matchbox Pub, New Delhi

areas covered: Website Design(HTML5 & CSS3)


A place that is not just another pub , but an experience .The food is good. The music is right. The ambience is cosy. But above all, it's the energy of this joint that takes the cakes. You will Feel like an impromptu get together at your best friends place, except the drudgery of carrying your own booze. May be it's because we are always floating around, sipping our beer casually, yet making sure your glass and the music never runs dry. A little more running in period and Matchbox will go places.