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Starting of from just college
we have achieved a lot in our fields.

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Creativity is what we aim to achieve and that’s what we do..

Starting out from college we have had a great deal of freelancing wok. Initially working out with a group of other freelancers we have had a lot of exposure in this business. But apart from that, as a full time professional we do get a lot of projects based out as per the latest industry standards! This what let to the start Innovative Bug, our online portfolio website which would not only help us benefit our freelance business but would also be a great platform to show our works.

our team

Samarth Sinha

Main Forte:-
UI/UX Design, Web Design and Development

3+ years and counting

About Samarth:-

Extremely hard working, started out making his first web design project of a PSD for a travel website. Since then, he hasn't looked back. With a great learning curve and dedication he does now what actually UI-UX stands for which previously merely looked like professional terms. Having worked on Wordpress, Bootstrap, Foundation etc gives him added advantage in his designing skills.

Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh

Main Forte:-
Graphic Designing and Branding

3+ years and counting

About Ankita:-

Coming with a great hand in sketching and drawing things, she probably is doing the best she could have done as a designer. Ankita has surely improved a lot in her designing skills and its not only about softwares here, its about how you actually let users know what you are trying to convey and that's what matters afterall. Ankita has come a long way from designing logos for free to the designing world and probably making a name for herself.


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The strength of any team comes from a good Team Leader and the people who guide him/here. But at Creative Mania,we don’t have a leader or any other such titles entitled with our names. It depends on the situation and on the point of time that any of the team member will stand up to the scene and deliver the work as a LEADER.